*Due to seasonal inventory sale followed by fall release we will not be buying July 18-25th. Regular buying will resume Tuesday July 26th*


Selling Your Gently Used Children's Clothes

A Step by Step Guide

What We Buy

View a master check list of what we buy here.


Items are very gently used, free of stains, rips and tears. All items should be freshly cleaned and laundered. These items must never have been exposed to smoke and free of pet hair.

Before You Drop Off

Each category has different instructions for preparing your items for drop off at the store.

-Clothing: freshly launder items and review them for the above condition qualifications. Any items chosen to bring in should be neatly placed flat with coordinating pieces one on top of the other in a tote , firm box or basket.  All the buttons, snaps and zippers should be buttoned, snapped and zipped!  You may bring up to 2 totes of clothing at a time so be sure to only fill with your best items. 

 Plastic bags can not be accepted. 

-Shoes: should be freshly cleaned including bottoms, paired together neatly and laces tied. 

-Gear and toys: all items should meet the above condition qualifications, must have all pieces, be in good working condition. Meet all current safety standards and free from recall. 

-Books: free of writing/coloring marks and ripped or missing pages. 

-Puzzles: must be clean, gently used and include all pieces. 

*Policy update* For your convenience you may offer for donation items that require attention but we can no longer purchase items that are not ready for our sales floor.

Drop Off

We accept items to review by walk in until 2:00 Monday through Saturday.  Check your items in at the back desk, we’ll do a quick pre-sort and then you can be on your way!

Settle Up

Return with in 2 days to pick up your “No Thank Yous” after 48 hours any remaining No Thank Yous will be donated. 

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us directly.